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Custom Software

How does it work?

Most of the requests we receive for programming come from a desire to simplify, become more efficient, save money, or solve a problem. That is where we begin. Cybernet will preform an in-depth analysis of your business, identify the requirements, and formulate a plan of action that solves the issues while keeping a strong return on investment.

Is it right for my company?

We can help you make that decision as it truly is driven by your situation and budget. We consult with you and find ways to streamline, cut costs, and improve efficiency. Cost savings can be made in web-based programs that can run your entire business from the cloud because it negates the need for costly onsite servers and infrastructure. Because we do the programming in house, your website can grow as your business grows. Many of our clients' websites evolve with the growth of their business.

What kind of programs could you build and how do I get started?

Anything! Need examples? Call our office and ask to speak to a custom software specialist. We develop for web based applications and are expert in Filemaker cloud and local based solutions.

How do I get started?

Give us a call. Let us ask you questions and get to know your situation.


Cybernet offers a variety of services on Long Island, New York and through out the world.
Give us a call, we'd love to answer your questions.
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38 W. Park Ave. #500, Long Beach, NY 11561 USA
Phone: (516) 897-8419



Cybernet offers a variety of services on Long Island, New York, including
38 W Park Ave #500 Long Beach, United States 11561 USA

Phone: (516) 897-8419