Do you have experience in my field of business?

Members of the Cybernet team have been helping businesses of all types since 1995, since then we have seen a multitude of busness types and models, as the internet and technology has changed we have guided them all through these changes. Our experience guarantees that we can offer your business help and if not we will be honest enought to tell you.

What about my Domain name?

If you already have a domain name and want to keep it you can. We will guide you to purchase a new domain name that is appropriate for your particular situation, sometimes we may suggest purchasing a new or alternative domain name or creating a subdomain that fits the marketing plan. Call us for advice we have our own domain name purchasng website at

I am a brand new business, what are the basics I need to do?

As a new business the most important thing you need to do is have a plan! Identify your target market and plan a budget that allows for start up, operations, marketing and sales. With 20+ years of helping start up businesses we can advise you on all aspects of the process. Give us a call at 516.897.8419 and speak to an expert.

How important are reviews?

In todays market place reviews are one of the biggest closing aspects of many sales. Buying decisions are often made after reading product or service reviews on line. Reviews from sites such as Google or Yelp are the most beleivable since they are posted un biastly. At Cybernet we can help you show your Google reviews directly on your website as well as help you garner more positive reviews. Managing your online reputation is often a missed opportunity for many businesses that is where Cybernet steps in to help you out. When you speak to one of our friendly experts ask them about our Reviews program.

How can I get a FREE internet business listing?

There are hundreds of websites that list business information including, what is called in the industry NAP - name, address, phone. Many of these listings are lifted from Google business listings while others may post information garnered from different locations. An important part of SEO (search engine optimization) is to make sure your NAP listing is the same everywhere. Ask us about the Cybernet listing service, it is included in most plands and will ensure that your NAP is correct, optimized and the same everywhere across the internet.  

What is ADA compliance?

The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act, and compliance for websites is generally referred to as satisfying the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Read the article below for more information, recently written by a coproate attorney.

Note that Cybernet partners with Accessibe, a leader in this subject, and will provide you with a website overlay to protect you from any of the below situations. TEST YOUR WEBSITE FOR COMPLIANCE HERE



Class Action Lawyers who Sue your Company for Millions, but May Settle for Far Less.


In the last six months, we have seen numerous federal court lawsuits[i] against small companies[ii] where the plaintiffs allege that the company’s website is not fully accessible to the named plaintiff and/or other visually impaired persons or hearing-impaired persons, and therefore violates the US Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). More specifically, they allege that the website does not satisfy the requirements of a standard known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.1 Level AA.[iii]


First, the bad news: (1) because there are so many sight impaired and hearing impaired people, these cases can be brought as class actions, which can give rise to considerable legal fees and very sizeable judgments; (2) many website developers seem to not follow the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standard for their website customers; and (3) hiring a lawyer to defend or even just settle the case can cost a company far more than $10,000 in legal fees and related expenses.


The good news is that these cases can often be settled for relatively small amounts, if approached properly.


When a complaint is filed in federal court, the company will receive more than a few solicitations from law firms that have expertise in the application of the ADA law to these situations. However, the legal fees and other costs involved in defending such a potential federal class action could be enormous[iv]…and even just negotiating a quick settlement can cost legal fees far in excess of $10,000, in addition to any settlement amount paid to the plaintiff.


The good news is that, due to our recent experience with such claims, our firm has developed an approach that can save a company a substantial amount of money. In the unfortunate event that a claim is filed against your company we can, hopefully, help you bring it to a swift and less expensive resolution.


We can also counsel firms that have not yet been sued, on how to upgrade the website to the WCAG standard that will help prevent such claims.




If you or your client has a business website, there is a substantial chance that you will be named as a class-action defendant in an ADA claim sometime soon, if that has not happened already. If you wish to manage this risk, please reach out to Richard Waxman at


[i]  Thousands of these lawsuits were filed in 2021 and the numbers only seem to be rising, per the Society for Human Resources Management

[ii]  For our purposes, small companies would be those with fewer than $10,000,000 annual revenues.

[iii] This standard is published by the international website standards organization, known as the World Wide Web Consortium. See

[iv] The engagement letter from one such lawfirm states: “2022 hourly rates for Members of the firm range from $910-$1,760 per hour; hourly rates for Associates range from $545-$995 per hour.”

How will Cybernet help me make a profit?

First we will need to do a little math!

Start with the amount of money you want to make in one year - e.g.$100,000

Now calculate the average profit you make from a new customer e.g.$1000 (obviously repeat customers will increase this when you consider the LTV [life time value] that the customer brings)

So in the above scenario you need 100 customers or 8.33 per month or 2.08 per week, lets round up to 3 for simple math.

Suppose you close 50% of all customers that you speak t o on the phone, this means you need to speak to 6 people per week.

lets assume that for every 10 interested customers that land on your web site, one will call you, so you need 60 interested customers per week - about 10 per day - to land on your site.

Now we have a formula and a plan. What would you be willing to spend to get that $100,000?

Is hosting with Cybernet necessary?

Web hosting is much like renting space to live, like an aprtment or a room in a hotel. Many different amenities can be provided by the location e.g. fast elevators, maid service, re-furbishing and makeovers. Cybernet has been in the hosting service business since the beginning we use the fastest servers optimized for your particular application, super secure, we run anti malware and anti virus software, we make daily backups and have the mitigation services available in case of any disaster.

You can host your website any where, however, if Cybernet is marketing your website it will need access in order to aford you the best service. Generally you pay for what you get in the hosting world and time to get thngs done is the peice that is most affected when services are across different platforms and service providers. At Cybernet we guarantee the best value for money and the greatest servise when you choose Cybernet Hosting.

Do I need to understand how SEO works?

No. LOL we do all the heavy lifting for you, Cybernet has been followingthe search engine industry since the beginning when Yahoo, Lycos, or AltaVista were the prominent search engines and  AOL and Compuserve were the prominent internet providers. Google has since become the giant and the go to search engine in the world, they make thousands of changes to their search algorithms every yeaer and Cybernet follow each and every one of them, providing you with the best possible optimization for your marketing. Call one of our Experts today and ask for an analysis of your website. 516.897.8419

What should I blog about on my site?

It is good to blog (often) about things that pertain to the kind of work that your company does. This is useful because it is informative to your clients and also adds search engine optimization value to your web site. Ask Cybernet about our blogging services. 516.897.8419